CircAria No.2 : Responsive Visuals

Second in a series of experiments with audio-responsive visual effects -CircAria No.2.
The sounds are an excerpt from an Ableton set I’m working on, triggering all the visual effects within Resolume, and the graphic is a flash file downloaded from, a place for open-source visuals.


'Pillars of Salt'::by Heartworm
'Pillars of Salt'::by Heartworm

..”spires of dubbed out synths, shifting tectonic plates of bass, minimal beats sketch a path through the storm… composed with korg ikaossilator, kor monotron, ableton live…”-Heartworm

Having fun learning how to trigger real-time visual effects with my tracks. This is my first attempt:
I recorded the spectral/frequency of my track analysis output in ixiQuarks, via screenflow, popped that video into resolume with my track and effected the h*ll out of it. Enjoy.
The sounds are all from a free Ableton Live rack from called Unusual Percussion.

New Improvised-cut : HalfMap HalfHuman :
Enjoy, Download, Turn it Up.

Sleeping Tumblr Awakes...

  • Just getting started here on tumblr after creating this account a while back. I look forward to sharing new projects and much more.